The Story Behind This

It all started with the first Falcon Heavy launch, a snowy evening of February 2018, in Paris. Despite the heavy snow, 30 enthusiast people joined this informal, last-minute event, turning it into an unforgettable event!

At that point, it appeared that our space community was eager to meet and share its experience, not only through conference and workshops but also with informal gatherings, talking about space and life. The following month, the first The Last Jeudi happened in Paris, thanks to SpaceUp France. The goal was to hold these gathering on the last Jeudi (Thursday in French) of every month. That’s why we chose this name referring to the Star Wars movie.

It then rapidly expanded to Toulouse, Cannes and other cities in France. Keeping it easy to organize and flexible.

Hearing about this meetup, we started to receive messages from SpaceUp organizers. SpaceGen and Euroavia members from other countries were also interested to grow the initiative.

We opened these events under the name of Space Rendez-Vous which suits better English. Indeed, a rendez-vous is both a French-rooted term for meeting, and a famous technical term for space rendezvous and docking in space.

Every city is free to shape the event to its local community, as long as it follows these few principles:

• Being held the last Thursday of every month;
• Being centered on casual discussions;
• Having no entrance fee (except the place itself);
• Open to everyone.

Hoping you will enjoy meeting new people with the help of this website! Feel free to contact us if you want to create one yourself! 😁